Sunday, April 3, 2011

Broken Promises

I'm tired of hoping things would be better
I'm tired of hearing that things will be okay
I'm tired of faking a smile when it doesn't belong
I'm tired of worrying about losing you
I'm tired of being so intimidated by you
I'm tired of changing my appearance for you
I'm tired of trying to please you constantly

I'm tired of not only hoping that you wont break your promises; I'm not only tired of hearing your broken promises; I'm tired of pretending to believe your promises; I'm tired of wondering when you're going to break your promises; I'm tired of being promised something without your intention of keeping that promise; I'm tired of changing myself so I don't have to deal with your broken promises; & tired of trying to believe your promises - but I'm tired of feeling your broken promises.
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My Sundays always consist of just sitting around and being lazy. Therefore that is what is happening today. Me and mom went to walgreens this morning and I got the April issue of Vogue, some candy, and a blue gatorade. My mind has been on Tyler a lot lately and he's not exactly being the best boyfriend figure to me lately, so I need things to keep my mind of it and and keep me from stressing. My best friend is coming over tonight so I'm happy about that because when I'm with her, things don't hurt so bad.

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The other day my mom so rudely insulted me by giving me this and telling me I was pale. I mean, I agree 100% but she didn't have to be so blunt about it. Anyway, it is spring so I suppose I could use a little color. So for now until it actually stays warm enough for me to be out and about to tan, this is what I plan to use. I'll be sure to write a review on it once I've used it for a week or two to tell how well it works.

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Excuse my eyes... I'm really not asian or anything, it's just how the picture turned out. This was taken at the apple store at the mall here. I went to the mall last night with my best friend Allie and we hung out with a few people. All in all it was a pretty good night until the end. And when we got home but we won't mention that, we'll just leave that in the past because it's not worth worrying about in the future.

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And of course an update on miss Raina. She's doing so perfect. She has a liddol scratch on her nose though from her long fingernails. She's growing so fast, and she'll be 3 months old in 3 days. (The 6th.) Her daddy is going to come see her this weekend. I'm actually really excited. I love it when she sees her daddy.