Thursday, March 31, 2011

An update on everything!

Tomorrow my day will consist of baking cookies and other treats my niece's classes. Every Friday they have "fun Friday" after school and they ask people to volunteer to bring in snacks for the kids. My niece's always like bringing stuff, and we haven't made anything for it yet so why not. I love making things like cookies and brownies, (2 of the things I can actually cook without burning down the house) and it's for a good cause other than me just eating them to be fat. Hmph. Usually I wouldn't interfere this much with their school seeing as my mom does those kinds of things with them, but to be completely honest, I have nothing better to do O.o

Also, the other night I dyed my hair back completely black. Somehow it turned out darker than it's ever been, but I'm really happy with it and I think it looks good. My hair is extremely curly, so tonight I went ahead and straightened it. For anyone wondering, I use an Ache straightener thats about an inch and a half wide along with a cheap Conair one thats much wider.

And a little update on my little girl. She's doing amazing, she's healthy, growing wonderfully, she's doing really good with sitting her head up, and you can tell she's trying to talk. She's been making noises lately other than just the little "uh's" and "oohs." It's so adorable. Everything is going spectacular with her except our sleeping schedule. That needs to be adjusted asap. It's honestly just getting worse. Neh.


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